Westminster Pupils

With its long history and global reputation for academic excellence, Westminster School is one of the leading independent schools in the UK.

Pupils are recognised first and foremost for their individuality, behind which lies academic and all-round excellence.

Westminster pupils repeatedly take the lead across a range of fields: in Academic Olympiads, National Debating and Sport Competitions. The school acknowledges the importance of these tangible achievements for both pupils and parents. However, Westminster is proud of the personalities that it has been producing in almost 900 years, which are the true markers of a Westminster education. They are intellectually curious, critical thinkers whose cultural awareness makes them thoughtful and responsible citizens.

The value and potential of these personality traits are reflected in the School’s remarkable body of Alumni. For centuries, Westminster has produced achievers across all fields including seven Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes as well as internationally renowned writers, philosophers, scientists and actors. Having gone to world leading universities, Westminster pupils are equipped with the tools required for success; a strong educational foundation, knowledge about the world, exposure to a wide range of experiences and fundamental knowledge and understanding of themselves.