A Special Relationship

The Westminster Schools - a special relationship.

It is often difficult to discern the strength of the collaboration between a UK based school and those carrying its name overseas. Yet, Chengdu Westminster School’s ties with the London School are part of what makes the identity of the new school so unique, as well as positioning it at the forefront of China’s educational providers. The relationship between the two schools is both multi-dimensional and close, playing a vital role in both the daily operation of the new school and its long-term development.

Chengdu Westminster


Westminster School’s designated ‘China Team’ will continue to share their expert advice and educational insight with Chengdu-based team. These consultants comprise members of their own teaching staff who offer guidance in terms of curriculum development, classroom design, pupil development and co-curricular programmes.


The Westminster Ethos is at the heart of the Westminster identity, and will serve as the foundations for the new School. Founding Head Master Rodney Harris, will ensure that the Ethos permeates school life, for staff and pupils alike.


The pedagogical approach of CWS is inspired by Westminster School. Central to Westminster’s ethos is the dialogue between teachers and their pupils, whether in the classroom or in tutorials. This inspires passion for the subject, conveys knowledge and develops the skills of rational, independent thought. Thorough training programmes are provided for all staff, as well as exchange visits of Senior Staff between Westminster and Chengdu.


The management of CWS benefits from the integration of both Chinese and British management, with both a Foreign and Chinese Head Master in place. Westminster School is consulted on all appointments to the senior management team at CWS.


Senior teachers from Westminster School will carry out annual visits to CWS for quality assurance, ensuring the appropriate pedagogy and teaching standards are maintained. All aspects of school operation will be monitored.


Through its Governing Body’s ‘Overseas Committee’, Westminster School contributes to the Governing Body of CWS. Their team comprises not just leading educational experts, but also those with backgrounds in China and International Projects. CWS benefits from their advice on a wide range of school management topics.