Pastoral Care

Every morning, day pupils and boarders meet in the campus, to be greeted by their housemasters and teachers. This atmosphere of inclusivity and friendliness brings a sense of belonging to each and every pupil. The busy day begins. Pupils shuttle across the campus, moving between library, theatre, art gallery, gymnasium, and STEAM centre.

At Westminster, learning never stops. Staff and pupils alike learn from and with each other. In the classroom, our bilingual Chinese teachers and international teachers complement each other to inspire pupils to study and think independently, searching for answers through debate and discussion. A sense of enjoyment and energy permeates the learning experience.

A powerful sense of community and identity is created in the pupils’ lives beyond the classroom, giving them the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.

Pupils enjoy an extensive range of co-curricular activities together. There is a wide choice of societies and clubs for the pupils to choose from, as well as varied opportunities provided within the school’s music, art, drama and sports departments. Programmes within the campus are also complemented by trips to the theatre, concerts, charitable events and visits to museums and galleries.

The general well-being of our pupils will be a central part of CWS and life at the school: from the healthy food, to the thorough academic programmes and diverse co-curricular opportunities available.