As with Westminster School, boarding is a central component of Chengdu Westminster School life. From Year 4 onwards, CWS pupils can choose to become boarders, and all pupils from Year 7 board allowing the school to have a fuller, extended day. This means that a varied programme of activities and learning opportunities is available for the pupils after class ends.

Pupils live in Houses accommodating up to 70 pupils, divided into rooms for between one and three pupils.

The House will reflect the traditional British boarding school style with each House being operated by a main teacher (the Housemaster) and several supporting teachers (House tutors). Every pupil will be assigned a tutor, who is responsible for the welfare of their small group of tutees, as well as providing academic support and guidance.

The daily management of each House is undertaken by the House Master. As well as being responsible for the pastoral care provided through the House, and the overall wellbeing of the pupils, the House Master also manages the other House staff. These include the House Tutors. They provide academic guidance as well as comprehensive support. Additional support, for both mental and physical health, will come from the Well-being Team, School Counsellor and on-site Nurse and Medical Facility.