Primary School

We want all our pupils to enjoy and be stimulated by the process of learning; to feel empowered to think for themselves, to ask questions and be inquisitive about the world around them; and to use the understanding and ideas they gain to help others and to serve society and the wider world around them.

The Chinese national curriculum forms the cornerstone of the CWS primary curriculum, whilst the state-of-the-art vision and pedagogy of Westminster School, London and the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum are incorporated to form a balanced and dynamic primary school curriculum. Pupils benefit from using the prime hours of the morning to address the Languages and Sciences; subjects such as maths, science, Chinese Language and English Language will be learnt during this time. The afternoon is set aside for the Arts and Humanities; subjects such as Music, Drama, and Perspectives fall into this category in which pupils are engaged in hands-on, creative learning. The Individualised Learning Period is woven through the afternoon, and focuses on providing opportunities for personal development; pupils take part in different sports, optional activities, tutorials, etc. On an Enrichment Day, learning expeditions will take place; pupils will learn in practical, realistic contexts, developing a number of important transferable skills. Throughout the day pupils will regularly shuttle between ‘Language Zones’; they learn both languages and other subjects through the two languages. They will benefit from bilingual exchanges, cultivating cross-cultural awareness and interpersonal skills. Dialogues and pastoral care permeate every aspect of the School life; the power of talk will engage students’ interest, stimulate their thinking, advance their understanding, expand their ideas and support them to build and evaluate arguments, empowering them for lifelong learning and for social engagement.

A child’s life at CWS Primary School is a healthy and happy one; one that both nurtures their childhood as well as prepares them for an adult future. It is one that goes beyond academic excellence and encompasses physical, moral, emotional and social development. A CWS pupil will always have a good balance of work, rest, play and nutrition; giving them the confidence to easily handle their future lives and learning no matter what.