Our Origins

Westminster School is transforming from a London orientated school to one with a globally expansive vision, with a new beginning in Chengdu, China.

Formerly, Westminster’s links with other countries have been through language exchanges within Europe, and pupil and pedagogical exchanges between teachers in India, the United States, Japan and China.

Westminster’s ties with China can be traced back over one hundred years ago, both in terms of graduates’ onward journeys and in terms of institutional partnerships and educational exchange programmes. This has gradually developed over the years into collaborations with educational institutions in Beijing and Xi’an.

In this age of rapid globalisation, and the growing demand for international education, the School is now reflecting upon its place within this changing world. In recent years, the educational and cultural ties between the United Kingdom and China have been deepening. Westminster sees great potential in combining Chinese and British educational approaches and the huge value that could be realized for the pupils involved. The first step in that journey is the collaborative founding of Chengdu Westminster School.